Tours Kilimanjaro

Tours Kilimanjaro founded in 2016, is a professionally situated firm that offers a comprehensive range of Tour services to its clients who are traveling to Tanzania and elsewhere. We have discovered throughout the course of our 5-year experience that travel trade involves much more than just transactions. It’s all about forming strong, long-term relationships built on trust, an understanding of clients’ and business partners’ needs, and the ability to back up partners by maintaining promises made.

Tours Kilimanjaro It has been operating in Eastern Africa countries such as the United Republic of Tanzania , Rwanda, kenya, uganda, and Burundi  for more than two decades.

when the majority of the other tour operators couldn’t think of these countries as potential clientele We were already planning their events in Tanzania. Our organization knows the boundaries, benchmarks, goals, and demands of these clients far better than anyone else, and we turn this information into meticulously planned events for them. Our devotion to our clients is unequivocal, as evidenced by the countless clients we’ve had from various markets over the years, and their feedback on our Tour services. With our staff’s first-hand knowledge and talent, we’ll create an excellent holiday experience for our guests/clients.


To lead the operation of touristic services in Tanzania by focusing on continuous improvement, client happiness, and growth. To be a deeply rentable corporation with extraordinary greatness and exemplary relationships with the community, the environment, and social responsibility.


A steadfast commitment to client satisfaction is our mission. We strive to consistently give competent arrangements and added value in all of our administrations in order to exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve our partners’ goals. We need to establish esteem and distinguish ourselves, which is why we promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

Why you should Travel with Us?


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our genuine quality dedication enables us to turn promises into realities, resulting in practical results and benefits.

Service to customers

We are dedicated and passionate about meeting our clients’ demands, and we are in charge of ensuring that they are met.


We use make emphasis on communication (internal and external) to ensure that our agents completely understand the needs of our clients.


Tours Kilimanjaro ‘ core values include customer benefit, loyalty, and integration, as well as communication, development, quality, teamwork, and responsibility. All of our customers receive the same level of service. We adhere to strong standards of professional conduct and ethics.

Collaborative work

The win came as a result of our team’s efforts to meet our client’s requirements. Our teamwork is built on the foundations of belief, mutual respect, and passion.

Tailor-made itinerary to meet your desire

Our routes and itineraries are well planned to make sure you get the most out of every trip. At the same time, we remain flexible and can adjust each itinerary according to your interests and requirements.